22 July 2020

Visitors from two regions at once came to our site

Last week, we welcomed representatives of two organizations: Chairman of the Union of Industrialists, Entrepreneurs and Employers of Amur Region Valery Parshinkov and four specialists of a gold mining partnership from Yakutia.

The visitors were interested in the mining technology for fine, elusive gold. They wanted to see its efficiency on the technogenic mine dumps. We were happy to demonstrate the principle of the device operation, the installation and assembly specificity of the equipment. It was a nice surprise to see the gold upgrading methods, or, to be more precise, the outcomes of the upgrading procedure: without any chemical reagents, the released gold is so pure that it is ready for melting.

Indeed, no visit is possible without a bathhouse, heart-to-heart talks and admiration of the beautiful Amur nature. Thank you for the company! Now we are looking forward to your visit! We can never have enough of good guests.

Let us remind you that we will be glad to transfer you and your colleagues to the site from Zeya or Blagoveshchensk. We will further arrange your catering and accommodation on site. And we will openly show and talk about our mining season. For any inquiries, please contact Olga Goncharova, Head of Sales Department: +7 (923) 333-10-48 or goncharova.o@goldmine.gold.