We offer only those products that have proven effective in practice

▸ We are improving technology from season to season

It is practicial - to mine gold from technogenic deposits 

We are realizing projects for fields with initial characteristics any complicity since 2011. Gold Mine Technology also interested in production of valuable resources from technogenic dumps.

The technogenic gold deposits are more accessible than the endogenous ones, they have:

On the other hand, they have:

The development demands using a washing ang sorting plant:

In 2019, Gold Mine Technology started an own project of mining a technogenic gold deposit. We ended up having our PSK-62 washing and sorting plant of enhanced gold recovery designed and tested.

▸ Click PSK-62 to read more about our washing and sorting plant. 

You can see how PSK-62 works

And make sure that our technology and equipment are truly effective. 

We invite you to the excursion! «Gold Mine Technology» will bring you from Zeya or Blagoveshchensk to our site and also will provide you residence and food. We will show and tell you how our season is going. 

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