Mining wash plant PSK-62

PSK-62 washing and sorting plant was designed specifically for processing technogenic mine dumps and endogenous gold placers with hard-cleaning gold. Now, you have a chance to know the unit configuration used at the gold mining site of Gold Mine Technology. 

Components of PSK-62


► Easy to use     ► Low maintenance    ► Fail-safe 

Screen type unbalanced-throw heavy duty

Capacity up to 200 m 3 /hour

Feeding lumps size up to 300 mm

Suitable for different types of soil 

The PSK-62 washing and sorting plant takes over the number of the screen model 

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► Provides forced erosion of sand on the washing screen

Mounted on the screen frame

Forms soil washout at the top deck

Adjustable working pressure of the water supplied to the
up to 3 atmospheres

The nozzles can rotate to change the approach angle

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Mount angle 60

Working area  24 m2

V-type dividers separate the stream into four sections

A cavitator for additional washing

Deep groove mats to capture large metal grains at the
input to the jigging machines

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► Capture smallgrains of gold     ► Accelerate material take-down from the gateways     ► Exclude take-down losses   


Capacity  up to 25 t/hour

Feed size up to 15 mm

for each of four gateways


Capacity up to 10 t/hour

Feed size up to 15 mm

at the downstream of the first line of the jigging machines to collect the undersize jigging product


Capacity up to 0,9 t/hour

Feed size up to 8 mm

to complete the jigging cascade

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Download this presentation (PDF, 4,2MB)
and learn more about PSK-62

PSK-62 is worth seeing indeed

We invite you to see the operation of PSK-62 washing and sorting plant right at the Gold Mine Technology production site! We will take care of your transfer from Zeya or Blagoveshchensk, accommodation and catering. At the site, we will be happy to show you the fine and hard-cleaning gold recovery technology, and the gold mining equipment that will boost the productivity of your site.

For any inquiries, please contact Olga Goncharova, Head of Sales Department: +7 (923) 333-10-48 or

The plant components and the equipment settings are adjusted according to the mining and geological properties of every particular site. Changing any parameter set by the engineers of Gold Mine Technology, such as the operating conditions, the type of sieves on the upper and lower throw screen boards, qualification of employees who operate the machine, or some other properties will lead to a change in the capacity of the plant.