11 May 2021

Results of Gold Miners Conference in Yakutia: Future Lies in Technogenic Deposits

Gold Mine Technology took part in the spring industry conference of gold miners called Gold Mining in Yakutia-2021: Subsurface Resources Management Issues, Problems and Solutions. The conference was held in Yakutsk on April 16, organized by the Union of Gold Miners of Yakutia and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The event was attended by heads and representatives of gold mining enterprises, republic authorities, research institutes, equipment suppliers, etc. 

The current capture technology for hard-to-capture fine-dispersed gold was the main topic of the speech by the Gold Mine Technology representatives. We relied on the inventions of our specialists and our own experience in mining gold from technogenic dumps. The technogenic placer development was discussed not only by our company but also by representatives of Irgiredmet, Spirit and Mining Institute of the North of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Despite disputes and polemics, all participants agreed on one thing: the future lies in technogenic deposits. Sooner or later, all gold miners will have to develop this particular direction, whether we want it or not.

One more opinion was expressed at the conference, that the development of technogenic refuse piling was not profitable in small volumes. According to experts, successful gold mining requires washing equipment to be considered with a capacity of at least 100 cubic meters per hour. The Gold Mining in Yakutia-2021 participants agreed on this statement. 

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