28 September 2020

Jigging machines for alluvial gold mining

Gold Mine Technology is not only a provider of gold mining equipment but also an independent mineral developer. We are engaged in developing a gold deposit from extraction plant tailings and apply jigging technologies designed to capture finely dispersed metal. For preconcentration with PSK-62 and for refining of sluice concentrates at the PGCS, we use MOD diagram jigs with a fixed-type screen.

In the PSK-62 washing and sorting complex, we use three types of machines: MOD-1, MOD-2 and MOD-0.2 installed in a cascade. MOD-2 is installed for each of the four sluices, MOD-1 is located below the first line of jigging machines to collect undersize products from them, and MOD-0.2 completes the cascade. They play an essential role in the washing plant as they capture fine grains of gold, considerably reduce the time of material take-down from sluices and minimize losses when washing and taking down gold-containing concentrates.

Also, two jigging machines (MOD-1 and MOD-0.2) are installed at the PGCS (placer gold-concentrating site). The PGCS uses them to refine sluice concentrates: jigging machines clean washings and the most saturated gold-containing concentrates suitable for refining fall onto the concentrating table.

We use lead shot as a false bed, and the PGCS, PSK-62 and jigging machines have specially selected screens with different cell sizes. Jigging machines allow us to simplify the development of man-made formations considerably.

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