5 August 2020

Jigging technology tailored for GGM-3

With our regular customer from Yakutia in mind, we tailored the jigging technology to the GGM-3 derocker. The customer opted for the GGM-3 based on the gold deposit properties, which featured 70% of rocky soil and limited water resources. The specification indicates that the device losses are 15% minimum.

Smaller gold particles escaping GGM-3 were collected by 6-metre wide sluice with dredge mats. As finely-dispersed and hard-to-collect gold particles were still washed away from the sluice, we proposed to optimize the washing plant and to add 12-meter paired sluices and a cascade of four MOD diagram jigs with a fixed-type screen of different capacities. Jigging machines minimize losses of both the sluice operation and the daily sluice concentrate collection.

As soon as the equipment was transported to the customer, a Gold Mine Technology engineer arrived to conduct the assembly. During the erection supervision, it was decided that sluices and jigging machines should be installed on skids. Now each node of the line is a separate module, and thus any relocation of the washing plant will be less time and labor consuming.

The commissioning was successfully completed last week. However, Gold Mine Technology keeps tracking the process.