8 June 2020

Technogenic deposit feasibility study

Before the development of any technogenic deposits, exploration and operation polygons are arranged to estimate the expected outcome of the works. The study relies upon the archive materials, particularly previous stock assessment reports and actual production-based reserve write-off records. The technology, equipment and techniques applied for the development of the solid part of the deposit are thoroughly studied. Based on the collected data and the granulometric composition of the mineral, the theoretical previous years’ losses are calculated. With the volume of the previously washed sands at hand, it is not hard to assess the volume of the technogenic material planned to be developed. This was the procedure followed by Gold Mine Technology company in the deposit selection process. 

In the operation process, the production site geological service runs the exploration studies and surveys to control the mineral quality and determine the technical parameters of the alluvial deposit. Based on the experimental and industrial experience, the mineral volume is estimated to be officially recorded in the State Register of Natural Reserves and to continue the production process.

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