14 January 2019

How it is possible to mine gold in conditions of resources depletion?

ПСКSituation at the market of precious metals currently allows the attraction of new investments into gold mining. Revaluation of stocks, production of which was unprofitable earlier, is in progress. Technologies for enrichment of minerals are improving.

Along with a tendency of growth in price for gold there is gradual depletion of the resource base observed. Especially it is characteristic for placer deposit fields. ПСКAt the same time question of secondary processing of man-made mineral formations and increase in indicators of fine grain metals extraction is becoming more and more urgent.

“Gold Mine Technology” JSC not for the first year acquires technology of extraction of fine metal on own experience at the expense of utilization of PSK washing plants on the basis of the inertial screens of heavy type.

ПСКThere is chain of jigging machines and placer gold-concentrating unit also consisting of jigging machines of smaller productivity and concentration tables in the composition of the complex. 

Thanks to the fact that “Gold Mine Technology” JSC tests and adjusts ПСКthe equipment independently all accessories offered for sale are tested already, that allows the communication with the customer regarding practical application and real outcomes of enrichment. 

“Gold Mine Technology” JSC offers for sale:
•    all accessories for washing and screening complex;
•    supervision services; 
•    adjustment services. 

Depending on your demands our employees are ready to develop different options for structural solutions. 

All options realized by us are suitable both for man-made mineral formations and for pillar-type alluvial deposits.


Video demonstration of the complex operation process: