23 October 2018

How to Select Correctly a Sluice Box to Wash Gold

A mining machinery market has been providing a wide selection of sluice boxes and concentration units for developing placer deposits for a quite a while. A comprehensive range of both national and imported pieces of equipment is offered. Specifications of a sluice box are defined by a number of factors – starting from its capacity and finishing with particular mining conditions of a deposit.

Available machinery is constantly improved and upgraded. Still, there is no all-in-one solution among the whole model range presented yet. Every subsoil user selects a machinery item solely based on their requirements as for mobility, capacity and extraction value for certain mining conditions and mineral resource properties. In terms of mining characteristics, parameters of washing out and extraction depend on grain size of sand, as well as boulders and clay content (washability). Even hydrogeological characteristics of a deposit produce an impact. In terms of mineral product characteristics, a metal extraction degree depends on its size and form. 

Primary key to profitably develop a deposit with confirmed reserves is to select a sluice box correctly.

Gold Mine Technology JSC offers a professional approach when choosing a sluice box and accessories for a sand finishing unit considering your operational conditions. The company has gained the required professional knowledge, experience in delivering equipment for gold mining sites and operating a diverse range of units. These advantages enable the company to make a customized offer complying with best cutting-edge technological solutions of the day. We can assist you in making the right choice!

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