6 July 2017

High efficiency washover complex

Need to pull out the refractory gold?

Already the equipment can solve this problem!


The specialists of JSC "GoldMine Technologies" will select, mount and launch a washover complex capable of achieving effective results in the production of the refractory gold, considering the characteristics of the washed up material and the geological features of exactly your site!


The washover complex consists of the following modules:

  • The receiving hopper with capacity of 12 m3, 18 m3 or 24 m3 is installed. An excavator, a forklift truck or a dump truck feeds the rumbled material into the hopper.
  •  The feeder is selected from the existing model range or is designed individually according to the customer's specification. When working out the bouldery deposits, the reinforced feeders of the vibrating type are installed. To increase the productivity, it is possible to equip by the belt-type feeder of the hopper-shaped.
  • The clatter is selected from the existing model range or is designed individually according to the customer's specification. The characteristics of the clatter allow a feed size of up to 1000 mm.
  •  The irrigation system installed on the clatter- forcibly washes away the sands on the washing flight of the clatter and allows you to adjust the working water pressure in the nozzles from 2 to 4 atmospheres.
  •  The lockage with cavitator ensures a balanced load of sand into the sluice- gates and additional washings to the extent of fine material.


The effective disintegration will be provided by the scrubber- sizing trommels included in the complex if the washed sands are clayey or strongly clayey.

Increased gold recovery is achieved with the jolting machines in the line, equipped with a heavy bed. The engineers of JSC "GoldMine Technology" choose the structure of the bed; adjust the amplitude and frequency of the jolting machines.

The total consumed electric power of the complex is no more than 30 kW / h. The frequency converters suitable for the smooth starting regulate the performance of the complex.


The main advantages of the washover complex in comparison with the analogues:

• High productivity is up to 3000 m3 per day, allows increasing the profitability of the technogenic deposit workout.

• Ability to develop out-of-balance categories of sands.

• Elimination of the human factor influence on the sand erosion process.


You can see the washover complex at work in Kuraginsk district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory by contacting the managers of JSC “GoldMine Technology” by phone +7 (391) 290-15-07, +7 902-942-16-12 or e-mail skripkin.n@goldmine.gold



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JSC “GoldMine Technology”: High efficiency washover complex. - GOLD MINING, June 19, 2017

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