17 June 2016

How to increase gold recovery?

Now, traditional methods of gold recovery at the man-made placer fields with the help of sluice technology of processing becomes more and more complicated, because the quantity of refractory gold (silicified, fine divided, flake type etc.) increases.

Having taken into consideration the experience of processing equipment operation at man-made placer fields with increased concentration of refractory gold, specialists of Joint-Stock Company “Gold Mine Technology” (АО "Голд Майн Технолоджи") have developed washing device allowing completion of two tasks:

  1. To wash huge volume of sands.
  2. Increase gold recovery from man-made placers.

We offer various options of configuration of washing complex. Either with applying of scrubber trommels or in more simplified form. Scrubber trommels installed by our specialists during assembly of washing complexes for Gold-Mining Company PIK, LLC (ООО "ЗДК ПИК") (Krasnoyarsk Krai) and Pavlik, OJSC (ОАО "Павлик") (Magadan Oblast) allowed to obtain very good washaway of clay sands. The ladder schematic of complex with applying of washing device PSK-52MB (ПСК-52МБ) shows (see illustration) options with application of more powerful scrubber trommels. This gives an opportunity of individual approach to each field, as well as use of domestic parts decreases self-cost of the complex.


For increasing of gold recovery in the live, jigging technology is used. This technology allows recovering over 98% of gold, because jigging machines are equipped with heavy bed. Our specialists choose the structure of bed; adjust the swing and frequency of jigging machine operation. Gold recovery on placer gold-concentrating plants assembled by specialists of our company for processing of concentrates of jigging technology is over 99%. Analysis of pyrometallurgical slugs after gold melting from decreased tails of finishing shaking table at the prospectors’ crew “Pol’arnaya", LLC (ООО "Полярная") according to test protocol (“Analytical, certificate, and ecology center “ANSERTECO”, LLC (ООО "Аналитический, сертификационный и эколого-аналитический центр "АНСЭРТЭКО") (Moscow) have shown the concentration of gold and other precious metals at a level of 0.1%. This means that decreasing losses on the last stages of gold recovery on placer gold-concentrating plants is possible.

The used technologies are unique, because earlier, such results could be reached only with the help of complicated processes of hydrometallurgy (cyanide leaching).

During assembly and commissioning works, our specialists hold an equipment operation training.

On designing of complex, we focused on decreasing of losses during mining and processing of gold at placer man-made fields. For this, we engaged specialists with experience of more than 25 years at mining fields of Kolyma, Siberia, Primorye, Chukotka, and foreign regions of Afghanistan and Tanzania (Africa). We are also in touch with leading scientific organizations of our country involved in processing of placer gold fields – Irgiredmet, OJSC (ОАО "Иргиредмет") (Irkutsk), MSMU (Moscow State Mining University) Laboratory of Mobile Processing Complexes (МГГУ Лаборатория передвижных обогатительных комплексов) (Moscow), Research Institute of Mining Industry (НИиГП) (Tula) and others.

Successful implementation of our equipment is induced by following factors:

  • continuous implementation of new technologies, including application of additional recovery technology;
  • individual equipment selection with regard to mining field peculiarities;
  • commissioning works;
  • technical support of equipment during entire washing season;
  • client’s personnel training.

Washing and sorting complex designed, assembled, and commissioned by our specialists at Gold Processing Company “Pavlik”, OJSC (ОАО ЗРК "Павлик") (Magadan Oblast) in 2013 has shown extremely high results – up to 58% of increasing of gold recovery in respect of main small loading sluice cleanup due to the application of jigging machines equipped with heavy bed.


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23 October
The complex designed by specialists of our company allows the efficient beneficiation of own deposit of gold.