the screens of heavy-duty type
Application for ordering equipment


The unbalanced-throw screens of heavy-duty type are designed for screening of ores of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and other bulk materials. 



Parameters GIT-52MM
Feeling lump size, mm, not more 60
Bulk density, t/m3, not more 2,8
Feedstock, t/h 600
Screening surface type

Upper: rubber sieve contains of dialing-set

Lower: polyurethane sieve orplat rubber sieve

Dimensions of screening surface^ mm 4000x1750
Active area of one sieve, m2

upper 5,25

lower 7

Number of screening surface 2
Screening angle, grad. 15-30
Engine installed power, kW 18,5
Frame vibration amplitude, min-1 3-8
Frame vibration frequency, min-1 730
Overall dimensions of screen vibrating part, mm, not more 4260x2400x1600
Weight, kg, without engine, cover 5217