scrubber - washing drum
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Scrubber - washing drum are among the main devices of flushing systems and are designed for different disintegration of washability feedstock and obtaining the necessary size of fractions 2-4 of washed initial material.

Advantages of scrubber - washing drum:

  • ease of construction, maintenance and repair
  • high performance and reliability
  • versatility when working with different materials
  • low power consumption and the ability to save on operating costs

Implementation of modular, mobile performance, produced individually for specific mining-geological and other conditions of the Customer (size distribution, sand washability, sieve characteristics of useful components and machines selected for enrichment, earthmoving equipment, etc.). Screening in washing drum can be performed with one at two or three sieve. The sieves are removable round, slotted, rectangular or with other openings of manganese alloyed, stainless steel and polyurethane. Hole dimensions are determined based on the size of the useful component and the choice of concentrating devices or other conditions.

The design of scrubber - washing drum provides effective work on clayey sands containing clay of up to 40-70% without forming pellets of clay, including commensurate with the size of a valuable component, which minimizes the loss of valuable components, including small and thin with oversize material and while enrichment.

Execution of the scrubber - washing drum: dismountable  for container, wagon, car or any other supply.

A series of scrubber- washing drum is produced with capacity up to 160 m3 / h.
Drive of scrubber- washing drum is of friction type, on the car pneumatic tires of common sizes. Drive pneumatic tires can be fitted with one or two sides. To ensure a smooth start the soft starter of the drive motor (SCP) is included into the electrical part of the drive.

For light working conditions scrubber- washing drum, ie with a low content of boulders up to 150-200 mm and 5-10% clay, they are produced of a lightweight construction.

With a significant content of large boulders 250-400 mm grates are installed in the receiving hopper to remove boulders larger than 150 mm. In each case, there may be other options for the scrubber- washing drum design.


Productivity, m3 / h * max (depending on the porosity of the sand)

Dimensions in mm

Const. drive power, kW

Average installation weight (without hopper) *** t

Blind part

inner screen **

External screen**














2 х 30


* Lower productivity – hard washing sands, higher – easy washing sands;
** Perforation size - as agreed with the customer (minimum - 0.2 mm);
*** Hopper design is individual - depending on the particle size distribution, washability of sand, sieving characteristics of the useful component of the loading equipment: conveyors, feeders, bulldozer, backhoe, bucket loader, a dump. Dimensions L1, L2, L3 can vary widely depending on the starting material and the obtained product requirements.