JSC "Gold Mine Technology" based on practical experience in gold mining offers to gold-extracting companies which develop placer and technogenic gold dump areas as follows:


1. Auditing the technology of gold concentrate (GC) processing throughout the whole production cycle:


We will audit all the cycles of the production process: from concentrate removal from sluice boxes in field to the further processing on the placer gold-concentrating site (GCS) and product preparation to supply to the refinery. Based on the obtained results we will prepare opinion regarding efficiency of the GC processing technology as deployed with the company, its strengths and available detected weaknesses.


2. Estimation of the production line for increased gold extraction from technogenic placer gold deposits and fields with difficult gold. Estimation of placer gold-concentrating site (GCS)


We will select a benefication complex subject to geological peculiarities of certain deposit (wash complex PSK based on screen and scrubber). An infield complex is capable to achieve effective results when extracting difficult (film, platy), silicificated, isometric and fine-dispersed gold.


JSC “Gold Mine Technology” possesses considerable experience in minimisation of gold losses by way of additional recovery of gold out of black heavy mineral concentrate. Heavy mineral concentrate results in inavoidable losses due to its dense phase. Such gold losses occur at many gold-producing companies and few are able to neutralise it. GCS are completed with the ore-melting furnace which allows to apply pyrometallurgical technology, i.e. gold casting out of heavy mineral concentrate which contains gold losses from concentrating tables and jigging machines. We guarantee that additional recovery will constitute 5% to 10%.


3. Selection and supply of equipment for benefication complex and GCS


We will take care of equipment selection and making specification for essential additional equipment, tools and materials to introduce the effective technology and to set up an engineering chain of increased extraction of gold out of heavy mineral concentrate.


Established long-term partner relations with the leading Russian manufacturers of mining and benefication equipment allow to offer you services on supply of high-quality equipment at acceptable prices.


4. Complex mounting and adjustment of equipment


Highly qualified specialists will carry out high-quality supervised installation and start-up and adjustment works for benefication equipment, they will perform configuration arrangement of the equipment for smelting gold-bearing alloy out of heavy mineral concentrate as well for casting bars with gold content of at least 20% of bar weight.


Competent installation of the equipment will minimise the number of errors which occur at carrying out start-up and adjustment works; durability of the equipment will thereby be increased. Correct adjustment of the equipment will ensure uninterruptible operation throughout the whole operating period.


5. Training for site personnel to operate and to work with the complex


One of the most important activities is training for personnel how to correctly operate benefication and smelting equipment as well how to correctly deploy the introduced technology. Qualified employees is the guarantee for the highest quality of wash season.